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Jerica Fox, The Virgin Porn Star, Jerica Foxx, Jerica Foxxx, Jerika FoxThis is the true story of the virgin porn star, Jerica Fox. There is a lot of mis-information out there about Jerica and I thought I would clear some things up about her, since I knew her.

Jerica Fox was born in 1974. She was raised in Houston Texas where at around the age of 15 she became a legal adult by being emanciapated from her parents. By 17 she was already an experienced exotic dancer working at clubs like Rick's Cabaret and the Trophy Club, despite the law requiring all strippers to be 18.

Her roommate (also another stripper) took Jerica to get her first boob job in 1991 in Oklahoma City. The doctor would do the boob jobs for the girls under the table and as such it would only cost them a fraction of what it should have cost. He would do the work after hours and through the back door and simply pocket all the money.

In 1992 Jerica had her boobs replaced with even bigger boobs and went on tour (as feature strippers) with a friend she met at work and they would bill themselves as the Boobys Twins. They would tour the world as a sister act from 1992 to 1996. During that time Jerica also performed in 18 adult films however she never once had actual sex with a man because Jerica wanted to save herself for marriage. She was a true romantic and felt it was important that when she met her prince charming, she was a virgin for him.

By all accounts Jerica was a virgin, despite her career in the adult entertainment business. Although it was hard for most to believe that this start of some 18 adult film titles, could actually be a virgin, those who knew her, knew that it was true.